Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Call me Mr. Nice Guy

Yeah, yeah. I know I posts are irregular, but so are my bowel movements. I just need to eat more fiber.... For the bowel movements, I mean. The posts can't be helped. My internet connection goes down more often than Paris Hilton.

Anyway, the big news this past week was that nuclear cooling tower we tore down. A lot of people think that was a pretty big deal. In fact, the United States went as far as to take North Korea off its terrorist nation list!

Don't worry. I'm not going soft. It's just that we've run out of room to store the nuclear weapons we've already built, and with the price of oil these days, no one can afford to buy the stupid things. And you know the economy's bad when even bloodthirsty terrorists are forced to institute cutbacks.

By the way, you know Bush has been criticizing the Democrats for wanting to talk to America's enemies? Well, how do you think we reached this agreement with the United States?

By the way, I understand the United States has been enduring massive flooding in their Midwest, and that millions of acres of crops have been ruined. Don't worry, though: If you Americans start enduring a famine, we'll be more than happy to bail you out.